Understanding Sustainable Refurbishment

Parity Projects and EAL Award logoOur Understanding Sustainable Refurbishment course is a five day course designed to give students from across the housing sector a thorough understanding of the policy, principles and practice of retrofit. Developed in collaboration with leading award body EAL, this award-winning course is essential for anyone looking to deliver retrofit project and programmes.

Who should be interested in taking the qualification?

  • Main or managing contractors providing renovation or maintenance services for domestic properties (particularly to the public sector) looking to provide an integrated, Green Deal-ready service.
  • Building designers and managers aiming to increase their understanding of techniques, costs and benefits of energy efficiency measures to add value to their work.
  • Existing renovations specialists such as kitchen and bathroom installers and decorators looking to incorporate energy efficiency into their work as a means of gaining advantage over competitors and increasing market share.
  • Specialist ‘energy’ trades such as loft insulators and wall insulators that are working towards becoming accredited installers under the Green Deal

You and your team will have an understanding of how to maximise the potential of your business in the retrofit market and to be leader of other organisations around you on site. You will be able to reduce costs and maximise savings to building users and owners. and of course, you’ll have a qualification to prove it.

Course Content
This qualification is designed to require 5 days of teaching and fits alongside all other existing qualifications so that attendees are fully equipped for today’s renovation market and beyond. The content is ready and available from Parity Projects and topics covered include:

  • Understanding the need for energy efficient buildings.
  • Detailed coverage of the Green Deal, including how the process will work, how to get involved and access Green Deal finance.
  • An overview of energy efficiency techniques and how they compare to each other in typical UK houses in terms of costs and performance.
  • Practical knowledge of techniques such as solid wall insulation, renewable technologies, airtightness improvements, natural lighting, heating systems etc.
  • An insight into the success of actual low carbon refurbishment projects, pilots and case studies.
  • How to manage and supervise a project to optimise the use of low carbon techniques and also maximise profit and bill reduction for the client.
  • The importance of quality when making energy savings.
  • The economic case for energy and water efficiency measures to existing houses and their “paybacks”
  • A detailed look at the Government policy and regulation related to building trades and professionals and how they must work within it.

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