Victorian terrace retrofit

The Need for Assessment

Unfortunately, ‘retrofitting’ buildings to make them more energy efficient is often a complex business – particularly when applied to older homes – so it can be hard to work out where to start. Most of the information out there is either supplied by manufacturers with a vested interested in making their products sound like a […]

Home Energy Masterplan National Coverage

We thought it would be interesting to work up a quick graphic of where we’ve carried out our award winning Home Energy Masterplan service throughout the UK. The image below shows the location of all Masterplan assessments carried out since 2005 based on postcode. You’ll spot some patterns, for example, the fact that we get […]

A much more pleasant bay window in which to sit and read

Our house had PVC windows almost throughout that were ill fitting and really didn’t suit the property.  These have been replaced with new Building Regulation-standard double-glazed sash windows.  The front ground floor bay was the only remaining original sash window and it was in need of some care and attention. Replacing it wholesale was going […]