Tackling cold homes: a national infrastructure priority?

Rather appropriately on Cold Homes Week ministers have been told that reducing the number of cold, leaky houses in the UK should be made a national infrastructure priority. It seems there is now widespread, cross-party support for this. While this will feel like old news to us at Parity Projects and many of our industry […]

A review of ‘Solid Wall Insulation: Unlocking Demand and Driving up Standards’ , Peter Hansford, Chief Construction Adviser to the UK Government.

One key area of retrofit that we are repeatedly asked about by Home Energy Masterplan clients is solid wall insulation (SWI). This isn’t surprising when you consider that there are over 8 million homes in the UK with solid, uninsulated walls. It’s also one of the retrofit measures with the greatest potential savings. It was […]

Victorian terrace retrofit

The Need for Assessment

Unfortunately, ‘retrofitting’ buildings to make them more energy efficient is often a complex business – particularly when applied to older homes – so it can be hard to work out where to start. Most of the information out there is either supplied by manufacturers with a vested interested in making their products sound like a […]

Energy bills keep going up – who’s to blame?

We need honesty, not short-term headline grabbing, from politicians about the real reason energy bills are going ever upwards, argues Richard Griffiths of Parity Projects. For a long time, people like me have yearned for the day that energy bills would become a talking point in people’s homes and in the national press. The idea […]

IWI training course

Counting the Cost of the Changes to ECO

The following article was written by Parity’s BusinessDevelopment Manager, Richard Griffiths, for Housing Association Building and Maintenance magazine, and is reproduced here with their kind permission. After weeks of political wrangling and newspaper headlines about ‘green taxes’, the Autumn statement finally saw details released of how the government would achieve its aim to cut £50 […]

Home Energy Masterplan National Coverage

We thought it would be interesting to work up a quick graphic of where we’ve carried out our award winning Home Energy Masterplan service throughout the UK. The image below shows the location of all Masterplan assessments carried out since 2005 based on postcode. You’ll spot some patterns, for example, the fact that we get […]

Cutting ECO – a killer Christmas present?

Statistics released by the Office for National Statistics today reveal that excess winter deaths were up 29% last year, with the UK experiencing a greater rate than other many other European countries – even those with much colder climates. Yet, for all the headlines, we have some of the lowest energy prices on the continent. […]