A record breaking home! Energy figures for 2015

Ok, so its our own record, but we’ve had the lowest calendar year energy usage for our demo house so far. I’m putting it down to 3 changes over last year – a) slightly lower occupancy with the children being out at school b) a very mild 12 months c) some remediation work to some […]

Retrofit decisions: the role of EPCs & Green Deal Assessments

When looking to choose the right option from many available, whatever the setting, it’s a good approach to look at the extremities of choice and work in towards your favoured position. Some choices are easier to make than others of course; a new toaster – 2 or 4 slots, colour, energy rating, price. I personally […]

Why the DECC’s new RHI ‘calculator’ doesn’t quite tell you all you need to know……

This week the DECC launched their RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) ‘calculator’, with an aim of giving homeowners “a clear idea of the payments they could receive if they install a renewable heating system”.  So…. does it do this? Well, yes it does, albeit with some assumptions about your property and how you’re using it, but […]

What does the Renewable Heat Incentive mean for Masterplan clients?

It’s been a long time coming but it appears the Renewable Heat Incentive is finally, almost here. The Department of Energy and Climate Change has today announced the tariff levels to be paid to homeowners installing low carbon heating technologies and solar hot water systems. So what does this mean for our future customers? Starting […]

Air Source Heat Pumps – What COPs are needed for breakeven

It’s Christmas so I thought I’d spoil myself and do some additional fun analysis on Air Source Heat Pumps and different Coefficients of Performance.  (N.B. as with other analysis this is only valid for the house I am looking to buy.) For those that don’t know a Coefficient of Performance (COP) is the % heat energy that […]