CROHM stock assessment featured in new NHF briefing

Our CROHM stock assessment service has been featured in the National Housing Federation‘s new briefing for social housing providers “Business Planning for Energy Efficiency and Renewables”. The briefing – developed in collaboration with us, Sustainable Homes and the Carbon Savings Alliance – is intended to help registered providers build retrofit programmes that are deliverable even […]

Ecotricity logo

A Partnership for People & the Planet

Last week we launched our new Partnership with Ecotricity. It’s an exciting prospect for us to have a relationship with such an innovative company, and one that shares so many of the same values as us. And, according to Ecotricity’s Partnerships Account Manager, Jacob Windsor, it seems the feeling’s mutual: “We are delighted to have […]

What does the Renewable Heat Incentive mean for Masterplan clients?

It’s been a long time coming but it appears the Renewable Heat Incentive is finally, almost here. The Department of Energy and Climate Change has today announced the tariff levels to be paid to homeowners installing low carbon heating technologies and solar hot water systems. So what does this mean for our future customers? Starting […]

No really, it is interesting (or am I just very sad?)

Following a slightly leading question from my colleague David, I’ve done some quantitative analysis on the potential savings now and under a hypothetical Renewable Heat Incentive regime. The RHI will now require metered amounts for which I’ve used the modelled kWh savings from a solar  thermal system over a non solar thermal system.  In reality these may be below […]

2.25 kWp of PV installed

 The Government launched the Feed In Tariffs last year. This means that householders can generate income from electricity-producing technologies above and beyond the actual savings to themselves.  I’m not going to go into the pros and cons of the actual scheme here but just give some information about my new PV system (that photovolatics – i.e. panels […]