Home Energy Audit / Assessment, Retrofit Design Services, Energy Performance Certificate; which one do you really need and how do you see through the jargon?

With the amount of organisations out there offering ‘energy audits’ or ‘energy assessments’ these days, particularly since the demise of the Government’s Green Deal scheme, it can be difficult to know where to start looking if you’re a homeowner. While we are yet to come across a service that offers the value of our own […]

A review of ‘Solid Wall Insulation: Unlocking Demand and Driving up Standards’ , Peter Hansford, Chief Construction Adviser to the UK Government.

One key area of retrofit that we are repeatedly asked about by Home Energy Masterplan clients is solid wall insulation (SWI). This isn’t surprising when you consider that there are over 8 million homes in the UK with solid, uninsulated walls. It’s also one of the retrofit measures with the greatest potential savings. It was […]

Home Energy Masterplan National Coverage

We thought it would be interesting to work up a quick graphic of where we’ve carried out our award winning Home Energy Masterplan service throughout the UK. The image below shows the location of all Masterplan assessments carried out since 2005 based on postcode. You’ll spot some patterns, for example, the fact that we get […]

Internal wall insulation and windows

This posting is mainly a lot of photos showing some of the detailing around the windows.  The key thing to note is that because we have replace the windows, the thicker sash boxes that are needed to accommodate the thicker windows meant that the boxes stuck out further than the wall.  This means in effect there […]

A much more pleasant bay window in which to sit and read

Our house had PVC windows almost throughout that were ill fitting and really didn’t suit the property.  These have been replaced with new Building Regulation-standard double-glazed sash windows.  The front ground floor bay was the only remaining original sash window and it was in need of some care and attention. Replacing it wholesale was going […]

Trying to build a green home but its turning a bit blue..

The rear of the house was a bit funny as it had an extension added onto the top in 1994.  This means its part solid brick and part blockwork at the top. Or put another way, part terrible insulation and part reasonable but not amazing.And we don’t think it is very attractive either. Another point is […]