Tackling cold homes: a national infrastructure priority?

Rather appropriately on Cold Homes Week ministers have been told that reducing the number of cold, leaky houses in the UK should be made a national infrastructure priority. It seems there is now widespread, cross-party support for this. While this will feel like old news to us at Parity Projects and many of our industry […]

Some thoughts on low energy retrofit this autumn

Now that we’re officially into autumn, it’s fast approaching that time of year again when many of us (myself included) start thinking about how soon is ‘too soon’ to stick the heating on. Having spent most of last week working in the Lake District I can tell you that for some that time is already […]

Why the DECC’s new RHI ‘calculator’ doesn’t quite tell you all you need to know……

This week the DECC launched their RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) ‘calculator’, with an aim of giving homeowners “a clear idea of the payments they could receive if they install a renewable heating system”.  So…. does it do this? Well, yes it does, albeit with some assumptions about your property and how you’re using it, but […]

Cutting ECO – a killer Christmas present?

Statistics released by the Office for National Statistics today reveal that excess winter deaths were up 29% last year, with the UK experiencing a greater rate than other many other European countries – even those with much colder climates. Yet, for all the headlines, we have some of the lowest energy prices on the continent. […]

Am I the only one looking forward to the winter heating season?

With the house almost finished from an energy point of view – a little bit of work on some ceiling spots left, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the meter readings during the upcoming heating season. I started taking monthly gas, generated electricity and imported electricity readings on the 1st January. I’m looking forward […]