Tackling cold homes: a national infrastructure priority?

Rather appropriately on Cold Homes Week ministers have been told that reducing the number of cold, leaky houses in the UK should be made a national infrastructure priority. It seems there is now widespread, cross-party support for this. While this will feel like old news to us at Parity Projects and many of our industry […]

Home Energy Masterplan National Coverage

We thought it would be interesting to work up a quick graphic of where we’ve carried out our award winning Home Energy Masterplan service throughout the UK. The image below shows the location of all Masterplan assessments carried out since 2005 based on postcode. You’ll spot some patterns, for example, the fact that we get […]

The heating system options

So the results of the initial heating system analysis are in…for this analysis I haven’t carried out any behavioural or zoning analysis or changes to the shower heads.  The model therefore has the whole house heated to 21 degrees – 2 heating times during the week and one longer one on weekend days.  For each system I […]