Parity Awarded Three Year EU Research Grant

Parity Projects were awarded a three year EU research grant entitled ‘Eracobuild’, via the Technology Strategy Board, and it is due to complete by April next year (2015).

Eracobuild is a component of the European innovation system for research and innovation in construction and operation of buildings. More information on the Eracobuild initiative can be found by clicking here.

Parity, have been working collaboratively with the Frederick Research Centre in Cyprus and Athens University in Greece to deliver the project.   Parity have primarily worked on stage one, as below.

Stage 1 – Based in the UK: running in the months 1-15 and led by Parity Project alongside DeMontfort University.

Stage 2 – Based in Cyprus: running from months 6-24 and led by Frederick Research Centre

Stage 3 – Based in Athens, Greece: running from months 18-36 and led by Athens University.

Introduction to the Square Mile Project

As 75% of our housing stock is set to still be with us in 2050, the priority must be to retrofit existing dwellings to become more energy efficient. Traditionally, the focus has been on improving the standards of new-build housing, through policies stipulating building regulations and targets to have zero carbon homes by 2016. However this is changing, and with the introduction of the Green Deal, retrofitting existing dwellings is and will continue to be more common, despite being extremely challenging, both methodologically and financially.

Current approaches for retrofitting housing are often not targeted at the address level and as such are delivered inefficiently. Retrofit schemes are run blind based on incomplete and non-representative data. This is ultimately due to a lack and fragmentation of data on housing stocks and a disconnect between data and delivery, with very little focus placed on community level engagement.

Parity Projects’ role in the Eracobuild project seeks to explore this issue, by taking three square mile areas to identify and test the various data collection approaches and analysis, resulting effectively in three case studies to demonstrate different retrofit strategy delivery models. The project has therefore been called ‘The Square Mile Project’.

Partners in Cyprus will take the outputs developed in stage one and apply it in a range of economic circumstances such as occupant wealth, local contractor skills and prices, projected energy prices, and preferred financial arrangements. The project will seek to incorporate whole-life consideration into the model.

Cypriot colleagues will then also focus on certain technologies which succeed technically but fail financially in order to make recommendations for the more widespread application in whole-house approaches.

Partners in Greece will also take the outputs from stage one and the three square miles and apply a variety of climatic circumstances. They will test its limitations and enhance its capabilities to provide appropriate technological recommendations across Europe. In light of this, further work will be done to address adaptation of buildings due to climate change.

We are publishing our results soon and you will then be able to download a copy from this web page.  Please therefore check back in a few weeks.