Special Projects

As well as Parity Projects core services, we always seek to develop better ways to advance the quality and speed of the transformation of the country’s housing stock.

This has led to Parity’s involvement in very innovative and exciting projects over the years.  These projects have either been fully or part funded by the EU or the UK, or are consultancy based work which we have been commissioned to carry out.  Here is a summary of the live projects:

Retrofit Together

Retrofit Together will build the market for whole house retrofit in London’s homes by securing discounts for residents through a group buying scheme for energy efficiency packages, supported by whole house advice. This project has been catalysed by BEIS and works in close collaboration with the Greater London Authority, Haringey Council, Lewisham Council and other local authorities. Marketing will be targeted to relevant property-owners following analysis of the local housing stock using CROHM and detailed behavioural research. It will offer retrofit packages tailored to individual properties, and their residents, delivered by a quality-assured, local supply chain.

The programme launches to customers in London from April 2019.


RetrofitWorks is a highly innovative model that is the first of its kind in the UK. It is a multi-stakeholder cooperative of small to medium enterprises and local Advocate partners with the aim of delivering reductions on CO2 emissions and energy bills in people’s homes while stimulating the local economy and improving the health and well-being of residents.

The RetrofitWorks model has been developed in close association with 450 companies and with the UKs most prominent trade associations and professional institutions that represent over 100,000 small companies.  The RetrofitWorks structure transforms the traditional approach to delivering integrated energy efficiency improvements in domestic properties.

It is a ‘not for private profit’ co-operative made up of two sets of stakeholders: smaller local companies delivering retrofit and organisations needing the delivery of high quality retrofit.

At the heart of the RetrofitWorks cooperative model is a bespoke online management and procurement platform, which allows property owners and their agents to specify their requirements and receive at least three comparable quotes from local companies. This ensures value of money for property owners by creating competition amongst members, whilst ensuring RetrofitWorks’ quality of service.


Funded with a Horizon 2020 EU grant, INNOVATE will overcome market barriers to deep energy-efficient retrofits of private housing stock by developing and rolling out integrated energy efficiency (EE) service packages targeting homeowners in 11 target territories from 10 EU Member States (NL, DK, BE, LV, CZ, CY, SE, IT, ES and UK). An integrated EE service package includes:

  • Development of products adapted to consumers’ concerns
  • Marketing & communication
  • Independent advice and technical assistance.
  • Tailor-made financial advice
  • Coordination of a chain of suppliers / contractors
  • Ensuring high quality standards
  • Long-term and affordable financing

The packages, developed by local and regional authorities and/or private sector stakeholders, in  cooperation with financing institutions and investors, will be tested on 117 pilot buildings, aiming at min. 50% energy savings.
These pilot projects are expected to mobilise 37.41 MEUR of private investments, trigger primary energy savings of 5.38 GWh/year and 3.14 GWh/year of renewable energy production.