Services for Private Landlords

Over the years, many of our services have been developed to help individual homeowners, social landlords and local authorities. However, many of these services are also well suited to private landlords both large and small. These include:

Stock assessment – if you own a portfolio of properties for rent, our CROHM stock assessments can help you design cost effective programmes for improving their energy efficiency. This includes assessment of the costs and measures required to meet the forthcoming 2018 minimum standards legislation, which require all privately rented homes to be at least an EPC rating of E. For more information, read our blog about the related analysis we undertook for the UK-GBC and WWF.

Individual property assessments – if you want to make your property attractive to environment and energy-conscious tenants, our Masterplan service can help you identify the most cost-effective retrofit measures to improve your home’s performance. We can also offer high-quality EPCs for individual homes, with additional analysis also available to determine how to achieve compliance with the 2018 minimum standards legislation.

Project management – should you choose to implement a retrofit project or programme in your rental property, or across your portfolio, we can work with you to ensure that the works are delivered on time and budget with our expert project management service.

For more information on these or any of our other services, please contact us.

Stock Assessment

A good retrofit programme should always be based on proper analysis. Our CROHM assessments are designed to help you create strategy that is tailored to your organisation’s objectives and budgets.

Design and Delivery

Once you have a strategic plan in place, we can help you drill down into the detail with detailed assessments to inform retrofit pilots, and specification documents to help guide your installers.

Consultancy Support

Our extensive expertise means we are well placed to support you and your team throughout your retrofit programme, from advice on funding and procurement to effective monitoring and evaluation.
IWI training course

Retrofit Training

With a big programme to deliver, you may need to increase the capacity within your team. We offer a range of accredited retrofit training courses to help ensure your staff have the knowledge they need.