EESSH Strategy Support

The Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) is set to have a transformative effect on the social housing sector in Scotland. Under the scheme, all homes must meet a minimum standard of energy efficiency by 2020, and every year Housing Associations will be required to report their progress. If successful, the scheme should have enormous benefits for tenants – reducing fuel poverty and improving their health and well-being – while also improving the quality of the housing stock. But how can Associations like yours meet the standard without breaking the bank?

Our Carbon Reduction Options for Housing Managers (CROHM) service has been used by dozens of social landlords to help them develop retrofit strategies that deliver their goals at minimum cost with maximum benefit. Using CROHM we have helped organisations responsible for the energy efficiency of more than a million homes to address fuel poverty, reduce CO2 emissions and meet their SAP targets.

Likewise, a CROHM assessment can be the foundation of your organisation’s EESSH strategy. Our rigorous analysis will ensure that you meet its requirements as cost-effectively as possible, while providing vital information that you can use to demonstrate how you’re meeting the standard. An EESSH-focussed CROHM report includes:

  • An accurate baseline assessment of the current EPC rating of all properties
  • Analysis showing the total cost of compliance at the portfolio level
  • A breakdown to the individual property level of the investment and measures required
  • Evidence to justify non-compliance where to do so would be at “excessive cost”
  • Advice how to improve your stock data to aid future compliance efforts

EESSH Profile

For more information on how we can help you develop your EESSH strategy and produce the data you need for your report to the regulator in time for the 2016 deadline, please contact us.

Stock Assessment

A good retrofit programme should always be based on proper analysis. Our CROHM assessments are designed to help you create strategy that is tailored to your organisation’s objectives and budgets.

Design and Delivery

Once you have a strategic plan in place, we can help you drill down into the detail with detailed assessments to inform retrofit pilots, and specification documents to help guide your installers.

Consultancy Support

Our extensive expertise means we are well placed to support you and your team throughout your retrofit programme, from advice on funding and procurement to effective monitoring and evaluation.
IWI training course

Retrofit Training

With a big programme to deliver, you may need to increase the capacity within your team. We offer a range of accredited retrofit training courses to help ensure your staff have the knowledge they need.