Case Studies

We’ve worked with clients responsible for over two and a half million homes. To find out more about some of our projects, follow the links below.

Raven Housing Trust asked Parity Projects to develop a ‘Raven Energy Standard’ which they are now in the process of applying to their homes. The measures had to be cost-effective, and have a quantifiable impact on SAP, CO2, and tenants’ energy bills. The programme is expected to take a number of years and, once the standard is applied to all applicable homes, will leave them with an average SAP rating of 74.3.

Town and Country Housing Group (T&CHG) commissioned Parity with the primary aim of understanding what could be achieved in their stock under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), and in particular it might help deal with their hard-to-treat and off-gas homes. Parity Projects used its CROHM assessment to examine the costs and measures required to achieve T&CHG’s target of a minimum SAP rating of 50 and an average SAP of 70 across all their homes. This analysis has been used to form the backbone of the retrofit strategy, to ensure effective allocation of resources, raise awareness inside the organisation and get buy-in from the senior team.

Trident Housing Association came to Parity with ambitions to greatly increase the overall performance of their housing stock. With a high proportion of vulnerable tenants, a key aim was to raise the efficiency of their worst performing homes – with the hope of improving residents’ ability to heat their homes affordably. Parity’s initial assessment showed a number of properties below SAP50. Further analysis showed it would cost just under £620,000 to bring those 94 homes up to Trident’s aspirational target of 70. This analysis formed the basis of Trident’s subsequent five year plan, embedding retrofit into its asset management strategy to deliver improved housing and lower bills.

Wigan and Leigh Homes (WALH) have a corporate target to increase their average SAP by one point per year over the next five years. CROHM analysis was commissioned to investigate the potential costs of achieving this target, as well as to investigate how the poorest performing properties could most effectively be improved, and the role that various grant funding schemes (ECO and the Feed in Tariff) could play in supporting their plans.

Stock Assessment

A good retrofit programme should always be based on proper analysis. Our CROHM assessments are designed to help you create strategy that is tailored to your organisation’s objectives and budgets.

Design and Delivery

Once you have a strategic plan in place, we can help you drill down into the detail with detailed assessments to inform retrofit pilots, and specification documents to help guide your installers.

Consultancy Support

Our extensive expertise means we are well placed to support you and your team throughout your retrofit programme, from advice on funding and procurement to effective monitoring and evaluation.
IWI training course

Retrofit Training

With a big programme to deliver, you may need to increase the capacity within your team. We offer a range of accredited retrofit training courses to help ensure your staff have the knowledge they need.