Pricing and Options

Home Energy Masterplan

Prices start at £300 for simple flats and £340 (inc. VAT) for simple houses of up to seven rooms (not including hallways and WCs). Beyond this we charge a small amount for each additional room. For most properties we can calculate the price based on what you tell us over the phone or, if you are planning major renovations, we will take a look at your plans and price the job accordingly. To estimate the price for your home, you can use the following table:

House Masterplan (up to 7 qualifying rooms) £340
Flat Masterplan (up to 6 qualifying rooms) £300
Additional main rooms £40
Off-gas supplement £50
RHI calculation fee £50
“Lite” or “New Home” Masterplan -20%
“Remote” Masterplan -20%
Discount code -X%

The price includes the survey and report (in hard-copy), and a half-hour follow-up call with one of our experts. We also provide you with a host of extra resources, including a bespoke spreadsheet that can be used to update the payback calculations once you have quotes from installers.

In most cases we have a Masterplan surveyor near enough that the standard price includes travel, but sometime we have to make an additional charge for more remote or unusual locations (or you can book a “Remote” Masterplan – see table above). Either way, we’ll make sure we confirm any travel costs before we start.


Providing a guide price for our specification services is difficult due the highly variable nature of the work. The figure will depend on by what you need the extent to which we can use previous project specifications as a basis for your retrofit.

PAYG Technical Support

We typically charge £350 a day or £200 for a half day. We work with you to agree a reasonable number of days in advance, and keep a record of how the days are used. Any time that remains unallocated will not be charged.

Project Management

Much like our specification work, the price of our project management service varies depending on the size and complexity of the job, and the number of contractors involved. If you call us, we can give you an estimate based on the information you provide, but as a guide you should plan for fees in the region of 10-15% of total project costs.

For more information contact us or make an enquiry.

Home Energy Masterplan

Our Home Energy Masterplan assessments are designed to help you identify the best possible approach to improving your home with measures that meet your specific needs and budget.
Specification diagram

Project Specification

Once you’ve chosen the retrofit measures you want, we can create specification documents for you that will help you obtain accurate quotes, and ensure that the installation meets your requirements.
Home Energy Masterplan Survey

PAYG Support

Even the most confident home improver occasionally comes up against the limits of their knowledge. Our PAYG service is a cost-effective way to ensure you have an expert at hand in you hour of need.

Project Management

Building works are notorious for going over time and budget. Our high quality project management service will help ensure your project runs smoothly.