PAYG Support

P1030639Every client needs a different type and level of support. Some have already decided what they want to install in their property and don’t need a Masterplan, but simply want to spend a few hours talking through their plans with an expert. Others may be confident going ahead with their retrofit without a dedicated project manager, but want someone that can drop in from time to time to check how things are going and to be “on call” to advise on how to deal with unexpected challenges. Examples include:

  • Reviewing quotes/specifications/designs
  • Advice on the effective sequencing of work within a project
  • Joining kick-off meetings with your contractor(s)
  • Quality reviews of completed installations

For these people we offer a “Pay As You Go” (PAYG) Technical Support service. You can hire us as your go-to experts for any amount of time, ranging from a half day upwards (sometimes less if it you don’t need us to come to site). We only bill you for the time we spend on your project, with the potential for your to pay up front for a fixed amount of help or to pay as you go along.

To discuss your plans and how we can help, make an enquiry, or contact us today.

Home Energy Masterplan

Our Home Energy Masterplan assessments are designed to help you identify the best possible approach to improving your home with measures that meet your specific needs and budget.
Specification diagram

Project Specification

Once you’ve chosen the retrofit measures you want, we can create specification documents for you that will help you obtain accurate quotes, and ensure that the installation meets your requirements.
Home Energy Masterplan Survey

PAYG Support

Even the most confident home improver occasionally comes up against the limits of their knowledge. Our PAYG service is a cost-effective way to ensure you have an expert at hand in you hour of need.

Project Management

Building works are notorious for going over time and budget. Our high quality project management service will help ensure your project runs smoothly.