About Us

Parity was founded in 2005 by Managing Director Russell Smith who was, at the time, planning a retrofit of his own home. No matter where he looked, Russell was unable to find advice that was specific to him – everything available was either generic or biased to a certain measure. Coming from a technical engineering background, his response was to build a big, ugly energy model in a spreadsheet that enabled him to work things out for himself. From those humble beginnings, that spreadsheet has since evolved into the award-winning Home Energy Masterplan service we offer today.

Since that time, we have built a business based around three principles: independence, expertise and personalised service. Our advice isn’t linked to anyone else’s products or services. We base everything we do – whether it’s a Masterplan or a training course – on rigorous research, wherever possible backed up with on-the-ground experience. And we make sure that every piece of advice we offer is tailored to the needs of the client and their specific home(s). This last point is critical and gave rise to our oft-repeated mantra “every home is different”.

Over the years our business has steadily grown, gaining respect and accolades along the way. Despite our relatively small size, we’re well known across the industry, and are frequently invited to share our expertise with Government and industry groups otherwise filled with the employees of national and multinational businesses. We have a reputation for saying things as they are, and that’s the way we’d like to stay. The challenge of retrofitting the UK’s homes is hard enough without making things even more complicated!

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