CROHM Retrofit Stock Assessment

At the heart of our services for housing professionals is our market-leading Carbon Reduction Options for Housing Managers (CROHM) retrofit stock assessment service. CROHM is designed to help Registered Providers, local authorities and private landlords design and implement strategic retrofit programmes.

CROHM is now delivered through a cloud-based portal and makes use of your unique property data, ensuring that the analysis accurately reflects the retrofit potential of your stock. This data is then analysed to establish how your organisation’s specific objectives can most cost-effectively be achieved through retrofit – whether you are concerned with increasing SAP scores, reducing CO2 emissions, tackling fuel poverty or simply protecting asset values.

The assessment can also identify  what contribution schemes such as the Green Deal, ECO, RHI and Feed in Tariff might  overall costs, and how retrofit can best be integrated with wider asset management and investment plans. For private landlords, CROHM is ideally suited to assessing the most cost-effective means of complying with the prospective 2018 Minimum Standards (EPC E) regulations.

So far, CROHM has been used to undertake assessments covering almost 2,500,000 homes all across the UK, including private and socially rented and privately owned households.

Key benefits of CROHM include:

  • Bespoke analysis – we use your specific housing data, not generic archetypes, increasing the accuracy of our analysis.
  • Flexibility – the assessment can be tailored to analyse almost any scenario you choose – from the cost of meeting a specific average SAP to the best measures for reducing fuel poverty – and can be designed to account for your organisation’s wider asset management and investment plans.
  • Independence – our analysis is not linked to any specific measure, brand or contractor. We simply examine the facts and make recommendations accordingly.

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Stock Assessment

A good retrofit programme should always be based on proper analysis. Our CROHM assessments are designed to help you create strategy that is tailored to your organisation’s objectives and budgets.

Design and Delivery

Once you have a strategic plan in place, we can help you drill down into the detail with detailed assessments to inform retrofit pilots, and specification documents to help guide your installers.

Consultancy Support

Our extensive expertise means we are well placed to support you and your team throughout your retrofit programme, from advice on funding and procurement to effective monitoring and evaluation.
IWI training course

Retrofit Training

With a big programme to deliver, you may need to increase the capacity within your team. We offer a range of accredited retrofit training courses to help ensure your staff have the knowledge they need.