Our retrofit expertise, spanning policy through to practical delivery, means that we are well positioned to offer consultancy services that can support you throughout your retrofit programme. Examples include:

Carbon Reduction in Schools (CRIS)

  • Starts with a detailed on-site assessment of all school buildings using our award winning Masterplan software
  • This assessment takes into account actual use of heating systems, hot water, appliances and lighting, and our model can be calibrated against fuel bill data to ensure accuracy
  • A detailed analysis of all feasible retrofit measures, including low carbon and renewable systems is then carried out as a desk-based exercise
  • Final report provides tiered packages of recommended retrofit measures which can be based on annual budgets and/or short, medium and long term plans

Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence Projects

  • Modelling of potential energy efficiency improvements for planned larger scale renovations or extensions, i.e. community centres, sheltered housing, etc
  • Final report provides tiered packages of recommended retrofit measures which can be based on annual budgets and/or short, medium and long term plans of organisation
  • Modelling and verification of calculated savings on project proposals for Energy Service Companies or building owners
  • Sensitivity analyses of assumptions made in savings calculations, i.e. fuel cost increases, maintenance costs, etc

Energy Company Obligation “Prospectus” Service

Following your CROHM stock assessment, we can advise on how to create a well defined ECO-funded retrofit “package”. We work with you to identify a suitable sub-set of your stock that, for example, represents a useful trial for ECO-funded retrofit. For this sample, we then extract data from our CROHM analysis to identify the applicable measures, quantify the lifetime carbon savings, and estimate the level of ECO investment you might expect to draw down for the project. This information can be incredibly helpful in negotiations with potential ECO funders and delivery partners, or to underpin procurement exercises.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Retrofit Projects

A key element of any retrofit programme is understanding whether, how and why it has delivered the expected energy and carbon savings. Our previous work delivering building energy monitoring systems means we are well placed to help you design and delivery of monitoring and evaluation programmes, including techical advice on the installation of equipment which can remotely measure variables such as energy use, the output of renewable energy measures, and internal/external temperature. We can also evaluate the data generated to help inform future activities.

To discuss your plans and how we can help, make an enquiry or contact us today. Case studies can be provided upon request.

Stock Assessment

A good retrofit programme should always be based on proper analysis. Our CROHM assessments are designed to help you create strategy that is tailored to your organisation’s objectives and budgets.

Design and Delivery

Once you have a strategic plan in place, we can help you drill down into the detail with detailed assessments to inform retrofit pilots, and specification documents to help guide your installers.

Consultancy Support

Our extensive expertise means we are well placed to support you and your team throughout your retrofit programme, from advice on funding and procurement to effective monitoring and evaluation.
IWI training course

Retrofit Training

With a big programme to deliver, you may need to increase the capacity within your team. We offer a range of accredited retrofit training courses to help ensure your staff have the knowledge they need.